San Francisco is one of the most competitive contemporary music landscapes in the U.S. and with their unique transitions, Speed Bump Intros makes 96.5 KOIT stand out from the competition!

- Brian Figula Director of Programming and Operations for Bonneville SF

If MUSIC is the reason they come to your station, then it's a NO-BRAINER to image the station with Speed Bump Intros as much as possible! This is the best way to brand our station in the hippest -- uh sorry --- MOST LIT way possible! Such a refreshing transition between songs, rather than it always being the voice guy! If my station was the chicken fried steak, Speed Bumps would be the gravy!

- DJ Necio Imaging Director for KBFB/Dallas & KBXX/Houston

The best reaction to Speed Bump Intros is when someone is completely flabbergasted. From 'Hey, how did you get Justin Bieber to sing the name of your station into his song like that' to a rep from a record label asking 'how in the heck did you get my artist to sing the name of your station?' The cherry on top is how the produced intros sound on-air, they definitely give my stations that extra sizzle!

- Tommy Del Rio KWLZ, KZBD, KHTN, KCDU, CHR Format Capt. Stephens Media Group

You NEED a point of difference in a crowded market, something that stands out and when even the audience starts singing them instead of the actual intro line, you know they're a winner! Awesome. I can't recommend these enough for your station to really set you apart.

- Robin Banks Content Director for Hi FM/Oman

SPEED BUMP delivers four (4) custom song intros monthly. Customized intros for the songs your station plays. You choose the songs, you write the message! Keep your imaging package and reinforce your station brand in a different way while you keep the music flowing!


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